Customer Enquiry Management

Ensuring that your clients and customers can speak with you when they need to is the single most effective way to retain their business and develop your relationship. With businesses spending more than ever on customer retention, your company could benefit from an expert outsourced partner that not only invests heavily into customer service but has also been recognised by the Orange National Business Awards and World Contact Centre Awards (for Europe, Middle East & Africa region) for outstanding customer service.

Our dedicated customer enquiry management will:

  • Deliver customer satisfaction – your clients and customers expect to be heard, understood and to have their queries responded to effectively and efficiently. Your customers will be greeted by advisors recruited from customer service backgrounds with a “can-do” attitude and fully trained to represent your business values and processes.
  • Simple or complex issue resolution first time – you’d be surprised what we can handle! By working with you and understanding your business both simple and complex queries can often be resolved on the first call.
  • Create space for you to build your business – By resolving your clients and customers requests, and only escalating issues that you need to be involved in, your day has just got easier – leaving you free to build your business
  • Integrate with your systems – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just let us integrate seamlessly with your systems to deliver the right information and record your customers’ requests.
  • View the “big picture” – full service and management reports ensures you can see what your customers asked for and how it was resolved. If you need more information then you can simply drill down into the granular detail.
  • Full call recording – digital quality call recordings ensure that if a dispute arises then the facts of the matter are presented without distortion.