Order Taking

Capturing and maximising sales revenues from order taking for our clients has been a major growth area for GoResponse in the past 18 months. More and more companies are outsourcing not just their overflow or out of hours calls and emails but their entire sales order processing function.

Mail order, eCommerce and high street retail operations have discovered the benefits of our tailor made service; since maximising revenue and repeat custom is not a “one size fits all” operation.

By working closely with our clients, GoResponse has managed to not only neutralise the cost of calls and email management, but also to generate additional income compared with web only or impersonal sales channels. Utilising multivariate testing, and advising on the adaptation of digital tools that maximise cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, clients have been delighted with our outsourced sales processing performance.

Transparency & Trust
GoResponse is unique in our culture of transparency with clients. Whilst many agencies provide reports at the end of the day or week, GoResponse has the technology and tools to give you on-demand MI and Insight in real time. You will see the sales and order results, conversion rates, revenues and cross sell conversions in real time as soon as each call and email is completed.

Simplified Implementation
GoResponse has developed tools, IT and techniques that allow for a simple and relatively fast implementation. This is especially useful if you wish to trial outsourcing part of your call handling requirement to prove the concept for your business or organisation.

Value Added Propositions
A whole host of innovative solutions have been created to generate further revenue for clients. These solutions go beyond just the call handling to provide a “joined up” approach that increases revenues, efficiencies and client experience. When you’re outsourcing revenue generation channels it’s always best to select a company with a “partner” rather than a “supplier” mentality.